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DMC in Madeira Island – Portugal

Who are we?

Bendix Tours is an experienced DMC in Madeira Island since 1991. We are a family run business with a strong Know-How to our island. We represent several international tour operators, with whom we have kept excellent cooperation along these years. Bendix Tours is associated to a network group of travel agencies and to the Association of Portuguese Travel Agencies.

icon-email info@bendixtours.com


jette-bendix Jette Bendix – General Manager
icon-email jette.bendix@bendixtours.com
icon-phone +351 291 700351
rita-bendix Rita Bendix – Product Manager (Groups & FIT)
icon-email rita.bendix@bendixtours.com
icon-phone +351 291 700352
antonio-bendix António Bendix – Administration
icon-email antonio.bendix@bendixtours.com
icon-phone +351 291 700355
carola-andrade Carola Andrade – GIT & FIT Coordinator
icon-email carola.andrade@bendixtours.com
icon-phone +351 291 700353


Rua Velha da Ajuda, 10 B Edifício Colinas do Lido

9004-559 Funchal

icon-phone +351 291 700 350